Friday, October 30, 2009

Turning 32

Alhamdulillah, last 25th October I turned 32.

Syukur kepada Allah SWT kerana:

-masih memanjangkan umurku hingga ke saat ini;
-memberikan aku kesihatan;
-mengurniakan aku sebuah kehidupan yang bahagia;
-di atas rezeki, rahmat yang diberikan kepadaku.

Semoga aku dijauhkan daripada godaan syaitan dan anasir yang jahat, malapetaka dan bala bencana, penyakit yang berbahaya, sifat-sifat yang keji.

Semoga aku diberikan petunjuk dan hidayah supaya dapat memelihara imanku serta dapat menikmati kehidupan yang bahagia di akhirat kelak, insya-Allah.

Amin, ya rabbal 'alamin.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

To Whom?

I was listening to Hollywood Hook Up on the way to work this morning when Richard Reid informed JJ and Ean that Jessica Biel was engaged. Ean's reaction was, "To who?", followed by JJ who said, "To Whom?" And I smiled to myself.

Those of you who know me would know that one of my favourite tv shows back then was Mad About You, which stars Paul Reiser (Paul) and Helen Hunt (Jaime). It's a story about a young married couple, both neurotic in their own ways, settling and adapting to their marriage life.

One of Jaime's habit is to correct Paul whenever he says, "To who?" or any similar phrase. I actually don't know the difference as to its correct usage but it is funny how Paul gets annoyed whenever she does that. I think that is also one of the things that made him mad about her :o)

Mad About You simply potrays acceptance and tolerance. Accepting the person you marry for the way he/she is. The good and the bad. And the fact that there are some things that you just can't change and the way it works is by tolerating it.

Terasa macam nak download la plak...hihihi!

An Aqiqah and A Wedding

It's been a while since I last attended a classmate's wedding so I was really looking forward to Hasfaradi's. Hasfaradi was my classmate for 2 years during my ADIL years in UiTM and he is the sweetest, nicest and most innocent guy I've known. So his wedding is a must-go.

I arrived at Villa Ukhwah at Taman Titiwangsa around 1 p.m. Searched for familiar faces but there was none so I decided to eat with my family. Later I received a text message from Raz asking me where I was. She had arrived earlier, had eaten and was waiting for the bride and groom in the hall. I told her that I will look for her once I'm done. A few minutes after that, the pengantin's entourage arrived. I took some photos of Adi and Nadia who looked fabulous in apple green.

-Pengantin berarak masuk

-Raz & Kama with Aira

-Jajal & Jajal Jr.


-Yang dah lama tak ku temu

As I was about to go in, Raz and Kama came out of the hall. She told me that she had to leave soon. We chatted for a while until it was time for her to leave. I intend to leave as well once my maid finished eating but then I saw Jajal and his family arriving. A while later, Jan came with Dang. The fun has started. I was glad that I got to meet Kak Ina, my classmate whom I have not seen since I left UiTM. I also get to meet Amir, Azah, Nomy, Popeq and their children, Haikal and Alaani. I wished I could stay longer but I had to leave to attend Sheikh's daughter's aqiqah in Shah Alam. On the way to my car, I bumped into Uncle Rizwan, whom I last met at my wedding.

We arrived at Shah Alam at about 3 p.m. I took the wrong turning to Shaeikh's house and ended up arriving later than expected. It's been ages since I've been to Shah Alam. It was such an irony considering it used to be my playground. But that was of course almost 7-8 years ago! When I arrived at Sheikh's there were still loads of guests but the only familiar face I saw was Zaireen's. Even so, I only managed to talk to her for a while as I had to watch over Faiq, who seemed to be showing too much interest in the fish pond. Luckily he was later distracted with Khalis' jeep. That was my first time meeting Sheikh's daughter, Sofea Airis Khalisah and she is so cute and squashable. Geram nak gigit!! Even Aira was fascinated with her! She practically stared at Sofea and ended up pulling Sofea's hair!

-RM10 per squash!

Anyway, I didn't get to stay too long at Sheikh's because I wanted to go over to D.U. Nevertheless, it was good to meet up with old friends. Such a nice feeling to reminisce the good old uni days and see what all of us has become. Hope to stay in touch with all of them :o)

Last but not least, congratulations to the newlyweds Adi & Nadia. Semoga kekal hingga ke anak cucu!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Diwali 2009

Ever since Diwali falls after Syawal, it is compulsory to visit aunty Leela and her family at their house in Melaka. Aunty Leela had worked with my family ever since my mom was pregnant with my younger sister. This year marked the 25th year of her rendering her services to my parents household. We have always considered her as a family member.

Amy and Dhirah arrived at AD at about 9 a.m. and we made our way to Melaka at about 9.30 p.m. The journey to Melaka took us about 1 1/2 hours and we were the first guests to arrive at 11 a.m. We feasted on home made tosai, putu mayam, idli, chicken and mutton curry, brinjal yoghurt salad and murukus! Everything was yummy. My elder brother and his family arrived at about 12.15 noon. My younger brother and his wife unfortunately had to work that day so the crowd was not complete. Nevertheless, the presence of aunty Leela's "4 children and grandchildren" was enough to bring joy to Aunty Leela!

We had to leave at about 1 p.m. as we had Lala's open house cum Sabrina's birthday party to attend at 2 p.m. We bade Aunty Leela goodbye and wished her all the best for her operation the following week. FYI, she had to undergo an operation to repair her uterus walls. I found out from my sisters that her operation took half a day and she developed a fever which lasted for a few days. She was recently discharged from the hospital and is now resting at home. Get well soon, Aunty Leela! We miss you!

Syawal Stories - Final Chapter

This is more of a photoblog entries of the open houses I attended during Syawal.

1. Dang's open house
Dang's open house was held at her parents' new crib in Seremban. Since we didn't have any other plans that day, Jan and I decided to drive to Seremban. It was fun as I get to chat with Jan along the way. We were the first guests to arrive and Dang gave us a tour of her house. We love the house (and her very own bathtub!). Later, we were joined by Aden and Tuya.

2. Cu's Open House
Cu's open house is of course at her home in Setapak. Cu loves it when everyone is there, she just loves the crowd and noise!

3. Khan's Mahal
Jan and Dik hosted an open house at Khan's Mahal. I invited Zalia and Raz, the expecting mommy and the new mommy. Raz didn't bring Trisya along coz she was sleeping when she was about to leave.

4. Uncle Mid's Open House
Uncle Mid's open house was held on the same day with Khan's Mahal Open House. It is about 10 minutes drive from Khan's Mahal so I dropped by after Raz and Zalia left. Managed to catch up on the latest goss with my sister, Dhirah.

My Grandma (in the middle) with my grand uncle and grand aunts at Uncle Mid's

5. Zalia'a Open House
Zalia hosted an open house at her in-law's house in Bangsar. We went there early because we came from D.U after attending my cousin's open house in Klang. Faiq slept soundly while we were there so I got to chat awith Zalia and NQ in peace..hihi!

6. On the final week of Syawal (which falls on Deepavali), my brother in-law hosted an open house cum my niece, Sabrina's 10th birthday party at his house in BTHO. We had earlier visited Aunty Leela in Melaka for Deepavali.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Beraya @ Aquaria

As mentioned in the previous post, we didn't have any plans to do Raya visiting so we thought of going on a family outing at Aquaria. Aquaria was chosen because of Faiq's fascination with Finding Nemo.

We went to Kajang to pick up Jan. We arrived at Aquaria at about 11 a.m. Faiq was so excited to do so many things at a time. He wants to push Aira on the stroller, he wants to touch the fish, look at the turtles. I can see he is not much of a reptile fan.

Anyway, I think I would have loved to linger on and enjoy the Aquaria tour but unfortunately that is wishful thinking when you have a hyper 4-year old to chase around. But it was fun to see Faiq's fascination on marine life (I was fascinated too! And dreamed of working in an aquarium! Haha!) and his reference to them as Finding Nemo's character.





Peace, y'all!

Sea horses! I like!

One for the family album

After the tour, we went to the souvenir shop and bought fridge magnets. After that, it was ice-cream time!!

Ice-cream fans

We lepak'ed' at Kajang and went back in the evening because Rafiq had a tennis match to catch. I decided to take Faiq to a movie. Faiq had a G-Force time with Mama, Bobo & Ucu on 5th Syawal :o)

Syawal Stories - Part II

My husband and I took the whole first Syawal week off to enable us to do as much visiting as possible.

2nd Syawal was spent at D.U, as we anticipate that there will be more of my mom's relatives coming to visit my grandmother.

We started our house-to-house visits on 3rd Syawal. We covered the area of Kajang and Jalan Gurney, consisting of 5 houses. On 4th Syawal, we went to PJ, Klang and USJ. We were supposed to cover 7 houses but only managed to go to 4 as my aunt, my sister in-law's parents and my mom's cousin were doing their raya visiting as well.

Since there was no plans to do any visiting on 5th Syawal, we decided to beraya in Aquaria (which I will talk about in a separate post).

Rafiq was supposed to go to work on Friday. He said he actually applied for a last minute leave so he didn't know if the leave had been approved. But thinking that the office will be empty anyway, he decided to stay at home. Since we didn't have any plans that day, I told Rafiq that I wanted to get some stamps and go shopping. I also had some batik materials which I have not sent for tailoring and I planned to send them at Medan Mara. So the obvious choice for a shopping spree after getting the stamps was Sogo. I left AD at about 10. As people were still on holiday, there was no traffic and I arrived at the Pejabat Pos Besar in 20 minutes. It was bliss. I went straight to the Philatelic Counter and looked at the stamps series which I've missed. There are so many beautiful stamps that I ended up paying RM35 for them. There were not many people yet when I arrived so I took my own sweet time. I had also planned to go to Robinsons but at 11.30 a.m., Rafiq called and told me that his friends (PWC alumni) who came back from UK and Rotterdam planned to visit us at lunch time. I think it was God's way of stopping me from spending all my money!

I arrived at AD at about 12.30 noon. Rafiq had ordered pizza, knowing that I wouldn't have the time to prepare anything. Shortly after that, Amran arrived. Zam and his family arrived from Seremban after Rafiq and Amran left for Friday prayers. It was good to catch up with them and they stayed on until almost 4 p.m. Amran and Zam had both left for UK and Rotterdam respectively on the second week of Syawal.

Meriah nyer Syawalku!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Syawal Stories - Part I

I realised that I have not posted any Syawal stories. First, there was no mood and time to do so, and the hubby's computer was stolen and most of the photos were in it! I am kinda upset as my external hard drive rosak and I couldn't transfer the files anywhere. Thank God, I've posted most of the photos on FB so at least there's something there!

Waiting for Mama to get ready

Syawal morning was spent at Khan's Mahal. We left AD at about 7.30 a.m. so that we need not rush to go for Eid prayers which starts at 8.30 a.m. They left the house at about 8.20 a.m. whilst those who stayed set up the table. My nephews, Imran and Adam, is big enough to follow the adults to the mosque, so the house was left with 9 Little Khans. The 3 stooges (Asif, Mu'az & Faiq) teamed up with Akif and played like there's no tomorrow. Sabrina took care of the younger Khan Girls (Akisha & Aira) and the two baby Khans (Naufal & Irsyad).

The Khan Boys
L-R: Asif, Mu'az, Naufal, Irsyad, Faiq & Akif

The Khan Girls

L-R: Nur Sabrina, Syamima Aira & Akisha

Brothers Imran Danial & Irfan Adam,
who just came back from the mosque

When they returned from the mosque, we will all gather at the living room, bersalam-salaman and listen to Papa's khutbah Hari Raya. Mak Long was also there, her second raya at Khan's Mahal. Papa talked about his observations of the family from last Syawal, his hopes for the family and then he would nominate one of his children to speak. This year, it was hubby's turn. He, as usual will speak his ayat-ayat politik and then it was makan time!

The usual menu for Syawal is nasi dagang, kuah ikan tongkol & ayam, ketupat with sambal ikan, kuah kacang, rendang (including rendang ayam pencen, as requested by hubby), teh tarik and teh o.

After breakfast, Mama will ask all the menantus to pack the nasi dagang for our parents. In between, there be hundreds of Syawal moments captured. But these are my favourites =)

My family Potrait

Goofing around with Jan & Kak Tine

We left for our parents house at about 11.30 a.m. Lala and his family left for Bota, Lachik and his family left for Kepong, Cheychey and his family off to Setapak and Rafiq left for D.U. Papa, Mama, Mak Long, Jan and Dik decided to visit Papa's relatives in Melaka.

We arrived at D.U at about 12 noon. We arrived at the same time with my grandmother and 2 uncles. My younger brother arrived at about 1 p.m. My elder brother beraya at Melaka, his wife's side. The menu at my parents house will be ketupat with rendang ayam and daging, kuah kacang, lemang, kari ayam and bread. We ate and performed Zuhur prayers as we will be busy once the guests arrived. At about 3 p.m., guests started visiting. My sisters, aunty Leela and my maid were busy refilling food, kuih raya, cakes, fruits, making drinks and washing dishes. Most of the visitors are my mom's cousin, who came to visit my grandmother. My parents 2 besans i.e my in-laws and my brother's in-laws and the next door neighbour also came. Up till 9 p.m., there were about 10 families who visited us on 1st Syawal.

My sisters with their nieces, Ilham Muneerah & Syamima Aira

Ina, Ilham & G

Some of the visitors

Will continue with more Syawal stories in my next entry.

Something To Look Forward To

I've had a pretty stressed week and I'm foreseeing more stressful weeks ahead.

But I will not think of that now.

The events that I am looking forward is tomorrow. First is Hasfaradi's wedding and the other is Sofea's aqiqah. Hasfaradi and Sheikh (Sofea's dad) were my classmates back in UiTM.

Hope to see loads of ex-classmates tomorrow.


Thursday, October 22, 2009


I currently hate what I'm feeling right now.

Really hate it!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lost in The Musicator

I love listening to especially to JD and Dilly on the way to work. Being a [late] 70s baby, my favourite segment has to be Lost in the 80s, where the deejays will play your 80s song requests. They supposedly travel in a time travelling machine, which was dubbed The Musicator, call the person who made the request or read their emails and ask the caller why they chose the song.
Today, one of the listeners requested for Kylie's Hand on Your Heart. His reason: it reminds him of his innocent days. Yup, he said it right. It's such an upbeat song. I was 10 or 11 years old when I became a fan of Kilie Minogue. Who wouldn't fall in love with I Should Be So Lucky and be addicted doing the Locomotion, right? Nowadays, when I hear a Kylie song from her earlier album, I would be reminded of my good friend, Michele Choo Yen Yen who is responsible for making me buy my first Kylie album :o)

Some info I found about Hand On Your Heart from Wikipedia:

"Hand on Your Heart" is a popdance song performed by Australian singer Kylie Minogue and written by Mike Stock, Matt Aitken and Pete Waterman. It was produced by Stock, Aitken & Waterman, and received a mixed reception from music critics when it was released as the first single from Minogue’s second album, Enjoy Yourself, in the second quarter of 1989.
The single peaked at number four in Australia and became Minogue's third number one in the United Kingdom. In Australia, the single was available as limited editions 7" and 12" posterbags featuring different artwork to the UK release. In 2006, Swedish singer-songwriter José González released an acoustic cover version of "Hand on Your Heart" as a single. His version peaked at number twenty-nine in the UK.

"Hand on Your Heart" featured a colourful music video that was directed by Chris Langman and filmed in Minogue's hometown Melbourne,Australia in March 1989. The video features Minogue dancing in a modernistic house. Dressed in vibrant colours of red, blue and yellow, Minogue travels from room to room, dancing playfully for the camera. A live version of the video was also released and featured Minogue performing a special "live remix" in Japan, both versions featured in Kylie's Greatest Hits 87-97 DVD.

An alternate version of the "Hand on your heart" video was broadcast on UK TV pre-release yet has never been screened again. On this version Kylie's shoes spin on camera and introduce all three of her new outfits of matching colours. Only one "shoe spin" remains on the final version, featured on her Ultimate DVD.

Seen as a cheap video, and Kylie herself has made it clear she felt uncomfortable during the filming, it is however a fan-favourite camp-Kylie moment. Released to music video channels prior to the single's commercial release, the video was a hit, gaining significant airplay on music video channels. The video was released commercially on the Ultimate Kylie companion DVD, released in December 2004.

On April 24, 1989, "Hand on Your Heart" was released in the United Kingdom. The song became Minogue's second song to debut at number two on the singles chart, before it peaked at number one the following week. On its third week it was replaced on the top of the chart by the UK Hillsborough disaster charity single "Ferry Cross the Mersey" by The Christians, Holly Johnson, Paul McCartney, Gerry Marsden and Stock, Aitken and Waterman. "Hand on Your Heart" also topped the UK Dance and Indie charts.

The song was one of the first singles to sell well on cassette, selling 2,000 copies in the first week of release. This would have been enough to have Minogue enter in at number one, something no female had ever done at the time, but the cassette single was not an eligible format for the chart at the time, meaning The Bangles stayed at number one with "Eternal Flame". Because of this the rules were quickly changed so that cassette singles were allowed.

Outside of the UK, the song was also successful. It reached number four in Australia and became Minogue's fifth top five single on the singles chart. In reached the top ten in Finland, France, Japan, and South Africa and the top twenty in Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Sweden.

Put your hand on your heart and tell me
That we're through, oohOh,
Put your hand on your heart, hand on your heart

Well it's one thing to fall in love
But another to make it last
I thought that we were just begining
And now you say we're in the past
Oh, look me in the eye and tell me we are really through
You know it's one thing to say you love me
But another to mean it from the heart
And if you don't intend to see it through
Why did we ever start
Oh, I wanna hear you tell me you don't want my love

Put your hand on your heart and tell me, It's all over,
I won't believe it till you put your hand on your heart and tell me
That we're through, oohOh
Put your hand on your heart, Hand on your heart

They like to talk about forever
But most people never get the chance
Do you wanna lose our love together
Do you find a new romance
Oh, I wanna hear you tell me you don't want my love

Put your hand on your heart and tell me, It's all over,
I won't believe it till you put your hand on your heart and tell me
That we're through, oohOh
Put your hand on your heart, Hand on your heart

Oh, put your hand on your heart, Hand on your heart
(Hand on your heart) Hand on your heart
(Hand on your heart)Hand on your heart
Oh, look me in the eye and tell me we are really through

Put your hand on your heart and tell me, It's all over,
I won't believe it till you put your hand on your heart and tell me
That we're through, oohOh
Put your hand on your heart, Hand on your heart

Thursday, October 15, 2009

ATP Malaysian Open

Rafiq is an ardent tennis fan. He plays the game and loves the game. I know tennis. I follow the tournaments if Rafiq watches them on tv. But I cannot answer a question on the players ranking unless you are talking about Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

Recently, we got tickets to watch the ATP Malaysian Open at Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil. This is my first time watching a live tennis match.
Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil

We get to watch the qualifying match, quarter finals and finals. I think when you watch a game live, you will end up not concentrating on the game but concentrating on people instead. I don't really mind as I just wanted a feel of the atmosphere. Rafiq found it distracting coz instead of watching it, he was looking for his tennis gang.
The first game was between Fernando Gonzalez and Bopana. It was a good game, in the sense that although Bopana is not a well known player, he managed to force Gonzalez to a third set. The winner was Fernando Gonzalez.

Almost empty stadium

1st game: Gonzalez vs. Bopana

The second game was between Fernando Verdasco and a Slovakian player. I honestly cannot recall his name! I think the Slovakian player gave a fight but unfortunately he had a shoulder injury. Thus, Verdasco had an easy win.

Verdasco (with cap) and a Slovakian player

After the game was over, the players autographed a few balls and hit them towards the crowd. The crowd went wild.


The quarter final match was between Fernando Verdasco and Richard Gasquet. Rafiq invited his colleague to join us. We were quite excited, probably too excited. Rafiq and James accidentally left their laptops in the car.

Enjoying the game. Little did they know...

PM & wife in the VVIP box

Verdasco (in orange) vs. Gasquet

Both players played well but alas, Verdasco won the third set. We left the stadium and headed to send James at PNB Darby Park. When Rafiq opened the bonet to get James luggage, none of their bags were there!!!


I know I've read about it over and over again but I guess we were too excited to watch the game. It was no excuse. We were careless!! And we only realized it at PNB Darby Park because there was no signs of a break-in. And I know for a fact Rafiq locked the car. Poor James, he only arrived in Malaysia a few days back and he had to experience this! Rafiq apologized profusely to James. He was the one who invited James to the match. James said there's nothing that could be done. He was really calm about it, which I truly admired. It was a good knock/smack on the head for us to be EXTRA CAREFUL next time. The only silver lining to it was the car was not stolen.

We actually got tickets to watch the semifinal match between the two Fernandos but Rafiq was too traumatised and depressed so we gave it to Dik's friend.

The following day, we somehow got the tickets to watch the finals. My sister, Dhirah managed to get one too so we went again. The final match was in the evening. It started at 2.30 p.m. with the doubles finals. I admit that I don't know the players at all!

Khusyuk abessss! ZZZzzzzzZZZZ...

End of match. The dudes in yellow won ;op

The final men's single match was between Nikolay Davydenko and Fernando Verdasco. Most people were cheering for Verdasco. I didn't have any preference. May the best player wins!


Fernando Verdasco

Nikolay Davydenko

The stadium was definitely filled during the finals, albeit not full. But you can actually see people so there's hope for Malaysian spectators after all.

The Grand Prize + cash

At first, it seemed that Verdasco was controlling the match. He manage to take the lead and the game was to his advantage. But Davydenko was more composed and calm. It was tennis at its best. Someone had to win and someone had to lose. It was Davydenko's victory!

Winning point

Better luck next time, Verdasco!

Prize-giving ceremony

I had a great time at those 3 matches, save for THE unfortunate event. Don't mind watching another round of live tennis :o)