Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happiness Is...

..when you have two granddaughters sitting on your lap :o)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Get the Hint!

Yesterday I had iftar with Rose at Putrajaya Marriot. Since we have finished our meals and have loads of gossips to share, we decided to hang out at the lobby.

As we were chatting, suddenly one makcik came and smiled at us. She asked us if we could spare a bit of our time and started yakking about the products that she is selling. I think between the both of us, we nicely declined 10 times by saying we were not interested but she still went on and on and on. Finally, we just had to get up and leave just so she would shut up! Ish!

With due respect to people doing direct selling, we know that your motto is never to give up. But I think you should draw the line and know the art of body language. When people roll their eyes, looked away, do not show interest and decline 10 TIMES, you really should move on.

Besides, despite being told 10 TIMES and the numerous expressions and body language, the fact that you interrupted our conversation and kept yakking away was just plain rude!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Answered Prayer

Alhamdulillah, another prayer answered.

Syukur kepada Allah S.W.T yang telah memakbulkan doaku! I am happy beyond words!

Insya-Allah, with this opportunity, I will do my best in my studies :o)

Hungry Ghost Festival

As I watched burning incense and joss papers, my memory box did a blast from the past.

It happened 7 years ago.

I was involved in an accident and had to commute to work with LRT. My LRT stop was Taman Bahagia. I don't know about the service now but back then, if you miss the bus, it may take an hour till the next bus arrives. There were burning incense and joss papers as it was the Hungry Ghost Festival.

To kill the boredom, I decided to text Jan's brother, whom recently followed us to our karaoke session.

He asked me if I wasn't afraid to go home late at night (it was about 9 p.m.) during the Hungry Ghost Festival, and my answer went along the line of, "takde makna nyer..."

I dunno how it started but suddenly all our text messages consists of song titles. One song I remember was Matchbox 20's Unwell coz we still get teased by Jan about that.

That was probably the beginning of our relationship, back then..7 years ago!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mini Me

Yesterday I saw the funniest thing ever.

We had iftar at Kajang and was on our way back. Faiq was riding on his bicycle when suddenly, a baby frog started jumping towards him.

He was shocked, and then he got off from his bicycle and started screaming and jumping. Practically terloncat-loncat sambil menjerit!

That is so me, in the form of a little boy! What can I say, Faiq is Mini Yong!

And for him, this will probably be one of his series of "embarressing-childhood-stories-my-Mom-keep-telling-people-about".

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8 Ramadhan 1431H

Alhamdulillah, dah 8 hari kita berpuasa. How time flies.

I so want to update my blog and write my Summer Tales before it fades but never have the time. Will make time this weekend.

I have yet to visit any Pasar Ramadhan this year. Semalam sempat singgah beli bubur chacha kat a stall near my house.

My MSM chums have finalised our annual buka puasa gathering. So the Keliwons will meet on 2 September. I am so looking forward to that.

That's all folks!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Faiq's 5th at DU

Last week, my sisters planned a birthday celebration for Faiq at D.U. It was a birthday cum anniversaries celebration (for my brother on 24 July, ours on 31 July and my parents 2 August). Initially I wanted to buy a fruit tart from Delifrance but because we were short of time, I ended up buying Baskin and Robbins ice cream. My sister in-law made bubur lambuk and rendang ayam.

Let's go to Atok's house

Is, Feera & Faiq

Ilham Muneerah

Blackcurrant cake from Cake Sense

Macam-macam gaya nyanyi birthday song

Make a wish!

Atok & Mak Tok with the 5 grandchildren

Main lagi

We had fun but unfortunately we had to leave early as Faiq had not finished most of his homeworks.

Moving On ~ NOT

It's been a month but it feels like it was only yesterday...


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Faiq is 5!

Faiq is 5 today!

5 years, 1,500 + days spent with him.

No doubt there will be shouting matches between me and him every day..when I wake him up, when I ask him to do his homework and go to sleep.

No doubt he drives me up the wall when he repeats his requests for Mentos, Vitagen etc .

No doubt I go crazy when he bullies Syamima.

No doubt his naughtiness had led to me pinching and spanking him.

But he melts my heart when he sang songs like Ibu and You Are My Sunshine to me.

He melts my heart when he softly says "Thank You, Mama" after I scratch his back before he goes to sleep.

He melts my heart when he apologised to Rafiq for playing roughly when Rafiq was sick in bed.

Faiq, I may be so garang to you that the only thing that reminds you of me is our shouting matches. I may be cranky back from work and let it out on you, But do know that you are the most precious thing to me and I love you with all my heart! Semoga Faiq menjadi seorang insan yang beriman dan bertaqwa yang akan menjadi kebanggaan Mama dan Babah!



You will always be my baby boy
You don't have to worry not any more
You will always be my pride and joy
I'll be by your side forever more

For you I've a real pain cos I'm away but my baby
Watch you in darkest days I'm right behind you
In these hard times see I will guide you
Promise you is what I do, is what I do
You're in my heart even when we're apart
You're my life, my love, my all
I'm here for you no matter what you do
I'll be your light, I will see you through

You will always be my baby boy
You don't have to worry not any more
You will always be my pride and joy
I'll be by your side forever more
For ever more...

Favourite Toy

Guess who's current favourite toy is Aunty Yong's giraffe rattle-cum-teether?

Harez sleeping with his favourite toy :o)

He wasn't interested in it when I gave it to him 6 months ago. He was more interested with watching tv at that time.

And for the record, I didn't put it in his cot. The photo was taken by his mommy :o)

Cute, eh?!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kids’ Playdate cum Mommies Gossip Session at Zalia’s

About a month ago, before I went on my vacation Zalia had suggested that we (Zalia, Fara, Raz and I) get together for a playdate for our kids. It would be an opportunity not only for our kids to get acquainted, but also for the mommies to catch up. We decided to have pot luck tea at Zalia’s.

So after Akisha’s birthday party, we went straight to Zalia’s. I had packed Faiq and Aira’s swimming attire..just in case there’s room for swim time. I stopped buy at Delicious, Jalan Tun Razak to buy a Spinach and Mushroom Quiche (which were YUMMY by the way!). Since everyone was busy and we are in the 21st century, buying food for potluck would be equivalent to actually making them, as stated by Zalia (I CONCUR 100%!!)

Anyways, surprisingly I was the first to arrive. We were greeted by Zalia and 9 months old Harez who looked too cute in his Spiderman comic t-shirt! Faiq and Aira played with bubbles at the balcony while the mommies chatted before Raz arrived with Trisya and Fara arrived with her team ~ Layla Sania, Lily Saira and 7 months old Lara Sufya, whom I met for the first time! Rafiq had to entertain himself as no daddies were around except him.

Let's play while waiting for the rest!

Let's play together

Harez & Mommy

Raz & Trisya

Lara Sufya
Time soruuuu!
Anak-anak pun elok je makan
It was indeed surreal to see all of us there with our children. The children played while we catch up on the latest happenings in our lives. Raz just received her MBA scroll from UM, Fara is desperately looking for a maid, me with my vacation story and Zalia who is a content stay-at-home mom. Of course our conversation will stop half way most of the time as we had to tend to our kids. I find it funny that Faiq seems intimidated by the presence of so many girls. I think he didn’t play as much as he would liked to and he even ended up picking up the toys voluntarily..huhu! Unfortunately, the kids didn’t get the chance to go to the pool as it was drizzling.

It was almost 6.15 p.m. by the time we took a group photo (sebab kesiankan Rafiq yang dah tertido on the couch).  The picture was really funny because Trisya pulled Saira’s hair and Aira cried throughout the process and stopped immediately after we finished posing. Faiq pulak refused to be in the "girl power" photo. We then kissed each other goodbye and hoped to see each other for iftar. It was a well-spent Saturday evening with family and friends :o)

Us and our kids

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Salam Ramadhan

“Wahai orang-orang yang beriman ! Kamu diwajibkan berpuasa sebagaimana diwajibkan atas orang-orang yang dahulu daripada kamu, supaya kamu bertakwa”. [al-Baqarah: 183]

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan, bulan yang penuh barakah, rahmat dan maghfirah.
Semoga dipermudahkan dan diterima segala urusan dan ibadah kita diampuni segala dosa, dan dilimpahi rezeki halal yang tak terhingga lagi diberkati.

Di kesempatan ini saya juga memohon ampun dan maaf agar segala amalan kita tidak terhalang dan diterima dengan sempurna. Mudah-mudahan kelak dibuka kepada kita semua pintu syurga tanpa sempadan.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Akisha Khan

Akisha celebrated her 3rd birthday on 6 August 2010 and Kak Na (Kak Ida's sister) hosted Akisha's birthday party at her house, as she had invited some surau people for a majlis tahlil before lunch.

We left AD at 1.15 p.m., when it suddenly rained!

Knowing that there will be bad traffic following the normal route to Kak Na's, we took the long-winded route and arrived at Kak Na's an hour later.

Kak Na is an excellent chef and it's always a pleasure eating her "hasil tangan". She made lamb briyani, beef kebab, salad and bingka durian. Jan and Kak Tine baked red velvet cupcakes and Sheperd's Pie. Everything was yummy!

Food, glorious food!

At about 2.45 p.m., after everyone had their lunch, Kak Ida took out Akisha's birthday cake. There were 2 dinosaurs and a princess on the strawberry chocolate cake, proof of her brothers' influence..hihihi!

Akisha's birthday cake

Birthday Girl, Akisha Khan

Make a wish and blow the candles, Akisha

As Akisha looked sleepy, we opened the presents as soon as everyone had their cake. Kak Tine assisted Akisha with the event (ada hidden agenda..hahaha!). Akisha received a look-alike doll (coutesy of Bobo), Dora's bag (courtesy of Kak Tine), cash register (courtesy of Lala) and a cooking set, a blouse and pants (coutesy of Yours Truly).

Akisha's pressies

Kak Tine assisting Akisha with her pressies

Akisha and her pressies

We left K.Na's house at about 3.15 p.m. as we had a kids' playdate cum mommies gossip session to attend. That will be in another entry!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

August-Born Birthday Celebration at Tadika Bintang Damai

Last Friday, Faiq's school organised a birthday party for all the children celebrating their birthday in the month of August. It was therefore a joint birthday party for Rizq, Faiq, Fariz, Harez and Alicia.

The birthday children were requested to bring their own birthday cake. I bought a blueberry cake for Faiq and prepared a party pack for the children :o)

The party started at about 9.15 a.m. I brought Aira along as one of teacher's suggested it. I hadn't thought about bringing Aira along..maybe because at that time she hadn't taken her bath yet.

The children gathered at the play area and sang birthday song for the birthday children. After everyone had blown their candles, the children shared the cake with the rest of their schoolmates.

Birthday children getting ready with their cakes

Birthday children and their schoolmates

My handsome birthday boy, who will turn 5 on 12 August 2010

Singing the birthday song

Blowing his candles

Yusuf helping Harez to blow the candles

Cutting their cakes

Let's feast on the cakes!

Tribute to Boss

Family day cum tribute to my boss who will be retiring on 19.08.2010.

Tuan Haji Japar yang telah banyak berjasa kepada Sektor Air

Sektor Air juniors

That's me singing I Just Called To Say I Love You..hehe