Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ultimate Owta Master

I predicted that Rafiq and I will have a difficult time getting Faiq ready for school. We woke him up at 6.40 a.m. and after taking away his pillow, taking off his pyjama pants that he actually woke up to watch tv. After watching Loopdidoo, I managed to get him to the toilet, not voluntarily of course. He protested and cried.

Getting to get him to wear his uniform was also taxing. I can see that he is so not looking forward to go to school.

As I got ready to send him off, he managed to come up with one last owta, in his pursuit to not go to school..

"Mama, mata Faiq bengkak lagi. Belum baik. Tak boleh pegi school!"

Aik, bila gi rumah both grandparents ligat plak bermain dengan all the cousins...takde masalah plak ek?

Faiq, faiq!

Banyak Akai

Last week we spent 2 nights in D.U. We figured Faiq was getting bored during the school holidays because he got a huge lebam on his face due to running around the dining table to amuse himself.

When I got home from work, my dad told me about his conversation with Faiq.

Atok: Faiq, lain kali Faiq janganlah main lompat-lompat, lari-lari. Kan dah lebam muka tu.
Faiq: Ok. Faiq dah banyak kali dengar orang cakap dah. Tak payahlah ulang-ulang lagi.

On a separate conversation..

Atok: Faiq, hari tu Faiq pergi Cameron Highlands dengan siapa? Best ke? Ceritalah kat Atok.
Faiq: Faiq penatlah nak cakap.

Hmmmm..Faiq, Faiq! Banyak akai (banyak akal) betol!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday Weddings

The starting of school holiday means loads of wedding invitations! :o)

Today, we attended 2 weddings. One was Kak Aisyah's (Rafiq's colleague) daughter's wedding at AU2 Keramat and the other was Azni's wedding at Kelab Darul Ehsan, Taman TAR.

As Lilo informed me that she'll be at Azni's wedding at about 1.30 p.m., we decided to go to Keramat first. Rafiq told me that Kak Aisyah is his boss' secretary and a friend of Cu, Rafiq's aunt who used to work in MISC. As we were there during the peak hour, we didn't stay long as people were waiting to get seats. We left just when the rombongan pengantin arrived.

Next on the agenda was Azni@Kakak's wedding. Besides Shikin's wedding the day before, I honestly can't remember when was the last time I attended a friend's wedding! I think we arrived a few minutes after Lilo, Shikin & Lat because as we entered the hall, they were about to take their food. Azni had already bersanding by then, she was at the main dining table. As I already eaten, my main agenda was gossip sessions with the girls. As there was no place left at their table, I had to push (literally pushed) Raif (Lilo's son) in the name of gossip! was so damn funny and the look on Raif's face says, "HOW DARE THIS WOMAN PUSH ME OFF MY THRONE!!!" Aunty Yong is so sorry, darling!

Nisa and Raif (before de-throne incident)

Khairil & Azni

Ultimate Gossip Girls (sorry Raif!)

Gossipmongers 'r' us
Aaanyways, we chatted and laughed and when the newlyweds made their rounds to greet the guests, we get to take photos with them :o)

With the newlyweds

The lovely bride :o)

I had a great time, albeit short. Congratulations to Azni & Khairil! Semoga kekal hingga ke anak cucu. AMIN!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Well Done, Datuk Lee Chong Wei

Congratulations to Datuk Lee Chong Wei for winning the All England 2010 title!

You do us proud! MALAYSIA BOLEH!

Father & Son

Tennis coaching will be a weekly activity for both Rafiq and Faiq (and me) from now on! :o)

I'm loving it!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Itinerary for 13 March 2010

Morning: Morning walk with hubby, meeting at Taman Serdang Raya

Afternoon: Attended Shikin's wedding. Shikin was my classmate in SMDU. Bumped into Trisya, Razanna's daughter together with Raz's parents and brother. Raz was away in Bangkok. Met up with Humeirah, Avian and Farnida. We had a good chat and lepak like we were part of Shikin's family. As Rafiq pointed out, the only way to tell that we are not part of Shikin's family was because we didn't get "tapau-ed kenduri food". I had a great time! Too bad I forgot to bring a camera. Hope to get copies of our photos from Shikin.

Evening: Lepak at D.U

Gotta hit the bed! Tomorrow is tennis day (if we get a court) And I am looking forward to go to Azni's wedding :o)

Good night!

WJN 5626

We were driving back from D.U  and as we passed Mid Valley, I saw a brown Wira Sedan and pointed out to hubby, "WJN 5626!"

It was my hubby's first brand new car. It was the car that we went on our first date with, the endless cruising, the car that witnessed my tears as I left my family home after being with them for the past 27 years of my life, the car which forced me to drive manual (I never regretted it!). That car brought so many good memories for me and Rafiq.

We noticed that it was painted metallic brown as opposed to its original brown paint and had tinted windows. Nevertheless, WJN 5626 will always remain a part of our lives.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hail King David!

My husband and I have been religiously following The Biggest Loser Asia since Day 1!!

Yesterday, when we were watching the grand finale, just minutes Aaron Mokhtar was weighed in, meaning just minutes before the winner was announced, heavy rain started to pour (alhamdulillah!..but...) and the usual "SERVICES CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE" was on our tv screen.

Both Rafiq and I laughed out loud at the irony as we stayed up until 12 midnight to see the ending and Faiq had gone to bed early so we were watching tv with no interruptions.

But, we had expected that David Gurani @ King David will be crowned the first Biggest Loser Asia winner.

Congratulations to King David!

But as stated by Sarimah and the trainers, by losing all those weight, all of the contestants are already winners!

Watching The Biggest Loser is indeed inspiring! I wonder when I will be motivated to take up the challenge!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I've been meaning to post an entry since last Sunday but i've been soooo busy!

Aaaanyways, last Sunday I met up with my SMDU schoolmates. The get-together at Pappa Rich, D.U, was organised by Avian, as Glenn Chew, our classmate came back from Autralia for CNY. There were four of us..yours truly, Avian, Glenn and Azlan. I haven't seen Glenn since he went to OZ almost 10 years ago. As for Avian and Azlan, I can't seem to remember when I last saw them but I'm sure it's more than 3 years ago.


Glenn Chew


It was nice to see them, the next reunion will probably be at Shikin's wedding next week, insya-Allah.

Yesterday, before going to D.U, we went to Ampang Park to purchase Faiq's tennis racket. Rafiq has been planning to train Faiq to play tennis and he feels that Faiq is big enough to be trained now. So today all of us went to Kompleks Sukan Jalan Duta to have our first training :o) The rent for a court is RM6 per hour.  I didn't take any photos because I didn't bring my camera. But I'm hoping this will be a weekly event. I do need the exercise and it's an opportunity for us to bond. There were people who were coaching, training and playing for fun. Almost all the courts were occupied. After the training, Rafiq played another round of tennis at his usual spot at Bt. 11.

Waiting to board the LRT to Ampang Park from KLCC

Faiq with his tennis racket

We then had lunch at Kajang before going to Kak Tine's condo for a dip in the pool. It was indeed very realxing considerinbg the warm waether we are experiencing. At first, Aira was afraid and crying but she started enjoying herself when she discovered the art of "tepuk air" from Irsyad. Beria-ia dia gelak! As for Faiq..tak payah cakap lar! He refused to go out until the rest of his cousins were out. Sekarang nih, both of them are sleeping soundly due to exhaustion. Faiq tak habis homework lagi tuh...hmmm!

Yesterday before I went to my parent's house I went to visit Zetty's niece, Ayesha Tihani. Bumped into Zetty on our way in. We didn't stay too long because we were already late to go to my parents. Congratulations to Nana and Man, the newly crowned parents, on the arrival of your bundle of joy!

I hate to think that the weekend is over! The only thing that I am looking forward to is my date with Ms. Rose tomorrow. 2 HRC t-shirts...WOOHOO!!!

And Happy 14 Months Old Birthday, Syamima Aira!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Melted with Words

How can someone who makes you raging mad in the mornings (as he refused to get ready for school) makes you smile in a split second just by saying "MAMA, FAIQ NAK BISIK! I LOVE YOU BANYAK-BANYAK!"

Ngeeee! I am a sucker for Faiq's sweet words!