Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dugaan 2012

I haven't finished writing my summer tales. *shame on me*

I have so much to write. Tapi bila dah free dan ada kemudahan, malas pulak. Cemana kan?

All I can say is that 2012 ni tahun yang penuh dengan dugaan.

I think the series of unfortunate events started masa Faiq jatuh tangga. Bawak gi hospital and he was warded in ICU coz CT scan showed that there was a fracture. Alhamdulillah all was well.

Then my mom fell down flat on her face. She looked like orang kena tumbuk around her eyes.

Then I fell down at Aira's nursery. Scan showed that ligament torn. On the day I fell I couldn't walk. Then I moved around using my study chair. Alhamdulillah all was well.

faiq and Aira were hospitalised due to prolonged fever. Alhamdulillah they were back on their feet again in no time and all was well.

On 1 February Abah was hospitalised for degenerative bone. His spine hits on his nerve and he was in so much pain. He was hospitalised for almost two weeks. Luckily my exam ended so I managed to visit him everyday. He fell down when he went to the barber 2 days after he came home. He is recovering and alhamdulillah all was well.

On 13 March, during the school holidays, I went to watch Rafiq coached Faiq, Imran and Adam tennis. All was well until I decided to return serves and locked my knee. My knee gets locked once in a while due to a ^ years old injury. But this time around, it didn't unlock and I couldn't walk. Hubby had to carry me to the car and I was hospitalised. I moved about assisted by a wheelchair. MRI showed that my ligament was completely torn and there was a slight tear at my meniscus. The only solution was surgery. After consulting hubby's friend, we decided to carry on with the surgery. I was in the hospital for a week. Now I am recovering. I'm moving about using crutches and leg braces and attending 3 sessions of physiotherapy per week. I'm not allowed to drive for 8 weeks which is a bummer. Alhamdulillah I hope I'll be able to walk normally again in no time.

Insya-Allah all these ujian/dugaan adalah untuk menguatkan keimanan kita. These events had indeed made me  bersyukur.

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